For people who have a deep appreciation for Fine Realist Art
Madeline is a Contemporary Realist painter.

Madeline began fer formal study of art in college, the Crawford college of art and design in Cork, Ireland.  Disillusioned by the trend to promote Avant-Garde art, she sought out more tradiional training.  She found a teacher in Long Island in New York who went against the grain and taught the fundamentals of traditional realist art as practiced for four centuries.  She endeavours to achieve results comparable to the old masters while at the same time remaining true to presenting paintings which are relative to contemporary life.

In addition to its inherent beauty and the value living with fine art brings it has never been a better time to invest in contemporary realist artwork.

Collectors and investors alike who are watching the market carefully are quietly purchasing fine realist artwork.

Madeline and other artists of her kind could not be happier about the current movement toward classical realism.
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